Monday, 13 August 2012

In the spirit of the Olympics

Well, the olympics are over for another two years. And while we didn't have the excitement of the gold medal hockey win of 2010, the women's soccer team provided us with some good entertainment-- which in my opinion is what the olympic are all about. I mean, if there were no viewers,spectators...dare I say audience--  the olympics, or any sport for that matter, wouldn't amount to very much. Perhaps sports are more of a show then we allow ourselves to think.
They say (you can figure out who "they" are) that sex, money and power are the three key ingredients for a great acting scene...apparently. So I am always so amazed when actors are asked if they were ever involved with sports throughout school, and their immediate response is"uhh no! Do I look like the kind of person who would be into sports?" (or something along those lines). I am generalizing-- not all actors avoided athletics like it was the plague. I myself, took great joy in competing on the wrestling team, cross country team, track and field team etc. But I am going to share a little secret with you: athletes are like actors . Let me break it down for you.


Okay so I realize that these are all of wrestling so:

I think this sums it up rather nicely.


Now lets face it, I think we all know where the money comes to play: there's the sponsors, the  wages, the ticket prices, and of course the gambling (just to name a few).

This is where the emotions play their part. The strong versus the weak, the winner versus the loser, the athlete who reaches the objective and the athlete who fails.

Who succumbs to their emotions? Who is the strongest?

In all honesty though, like the actor, the athlete must live in the present. Any attack, any move made on them or their team-- they must make a counter move/react. Their goal is simple, to score--to win; There are many obstacles: the other team, the injuries, the scores made on them etc; and the stakes are huge-- you must make your fans proud otherwise you bring great shame.  So for all of those who think they are not like an athlete-- I beg to differ. I am not saying that we should all go out and take up a sport-- I am just saying that some of us should. If we are basically doing the same thing except one of the options forces us to be in better shape, pays way more (if you make it professionally), and has more men than women so being a women in the industry is actually a rare and special thing... All I am saying, fellow actors, is that we are not as unique as we think-- and incase the acting thing fails, there is another option that we would easily fit into. I mean hey, even if we are not actually athletic-- we can always just act like we are ;)

 This Video is actually funnier when you are trying to tell someone about it while using a Jamaican accent.

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