Thursday, 30 August 2012


It is clear to me that I need to make money while trying to support my acting career. So, I have decided to become a party planner. It's a pretty easy job-- and by the end of the night everyone will be throwing their arms around you telling you that you did a great job (even if you didn't; they are not sober enough to care). I will now give you and example of they types of party's I will throw, by explaining to you the bachelorette party I had the pleasure of planning.

First thing I will do is ask you for an extended list of people who should be coming to said party. (By the way, I only do parties for 25 ppl or less). The more people you have the more discounts you get!
I will then send out an invitation to all of these people who included an estimated cost that is way higher than what the actual cost will be so they will be pleasantly surprised with their final email. (It also helps if you have incredibly rich friends-- that way they can do incredibly expensive things without thinking twice).

Secondly we must wait for the RSVP's. This could take approximately 5 million years depending on who you have invited and how often they check their Facebook/email. I would suggest that you start gathering phone numbers otherwise you will get frustrated and start telling people that they are no longer invited and, consequently, start a family feud because most of your guests are family members.
Now we start actually planning. In all seriousness here is what we did.

We started the day off with a car accident so that things could only get better from there (ha ha ha). Although it is hard to drive a car when you have this sitting beside you ;)

This is the bride to be: Nikita in her sexy pink boa!

Once we arrived (safe and sound, don't worry the accident was minor) we then rode the subway to Queen Street where we ran around in two teams doing a scavenger hunt.

I basically tailored a pre-existing scavenger hunt that I bought from the link above-- I must say we had a blast running around Queen street asking people to take pictures of us :)

Next Stop FOOD!!!

We ate at Everest Restaurant along Queen which basically has everything from Italian to Indian-- so if you have some picky eaters in your party (which you will) this is a pretty good variety!

What next hmmm...

Pretty much wanted some good laughs while we enjoyed some beverages ;)

Then onto VIP service at Bar 244

BUT WAIT! We had a surprise stop along the way, when we asked the fire men if we could come over to play ;)

Okay, now to Bar 244. Although with the lights off it doesn't really look like this>> I would, however, recommend to any of you going to a club-- that VIP service pretty much saves you. We had a safe zone to dance and hang with each other without being groped by strange boy/men. I say boy/men because the people here are about college students, and while yes, some males that age are men-- it seems as though when they get to a place like this they act like pigs thus reverting them back into boys.

Alright last, but not least, walking back to the hotel, only to wash our feet in the bath tub.

Some rules to remember on your grand adventures:
1. Pack anti-acid pills just incase dinner doesn't sit well.
 2. Leave extra early for the show, because even if they will let you in late, the show is only like an hour long and you don't want to miss any of it.
3. Toronto is dirty so pack flip-flops because walking home in bare feet is not ideal.
4. If the security guard tells you that you can take a picture of a NYPD cop car being used in the next episode of Nikita-- don't ask if you can get it in at the same time, only to open the door and have him yelling NO and then giving you the cold shoulder when you still want the picture.
5. If you do have two strange boy/men/pigs following you home-- don't start talking to them and then stop to get a hot dog, they will only follow you longer.

If you follow these rules you will be fine!
Now I know what you are all thinking-- how can I get Meghan to plan my party. Well...just inbox me! My fee is reasonable and your are guaranteed to have a good time ;) only one rule-- if I plan it, I'm coming too!!

(I am still reading Great Expectations. Don't judge me I had a party to plan and a wedding to help with okay! I am back on the reading track now).

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