Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Excuses Excuses

It has come to my attention during the past year (or so) that, while acting is a "real Job", an "office job" feels a lot more like work (at least to me). When I say "office job" I mean high rise- financial core- blue -collar- shark tank- environment where the dress code is semi-formal-dress pants-dresses-high-heeled shoes...or pretty much anything  an actor cannot aford.While I sit at the office trying to do my work and 'accidently' being (constantly) caught on I cannot use my normal acting excuses. For instance:

I am thinking too much.

In an acting workshop/class/rehearsal this would most likely provide you with the opportunity to shake it out, take a moment, retrace your steps and try again to stop thinking and start doing. However, I have a weird feeling that this response is not going to get those supportive/understanding nods around the office, where everyone understands that I am too much 'in my head' (whatever that means) and understands that I am over analysing everything that I am doing and need to take a step back from my 'work' to get reconnected. I just don't think that is going to fly when my title at the office is 'research analyst' and it happens to be a job where I probably should be thinking more about what I am doing.

Another popular one:

I don't really feel connected to this material

This response probably wouldn't enlist a pause in production, only to dig to the root of why I'm not "feeling" the data entry that I am working on and how I can draw from my past to connect more to the stats in front of me.

I don't feel any motivation to do that.

Pretty sure if I used this one I would never get anything done seeing as how the data entry work is endless, and because my work is simply the preliminary work of the far greater workers--I pass my work on to other people-- and at the end of the day, I don't see the end result to what I have been working and therefore lack any motivation to do anything...

The rules of acting and the rules of "office work" just don't seem to what do I do? I act like an office worker (so I can still use my excuses!).

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