Thursday, 19 December 2013

How to Remain Stress Free When Faced with Christmas Shopping

It has come to my attention, upon entering a mall, that some people are a wee-bit stressed during the holiday season.  The disheveled scramble to get the “perfect” gift (or any gift for that matter) leaves us all in our own little stressed out world that has us elbowing others or (in my case) being elbowed by others. Not to mention, the amount of cash we are dishing out in order to please others! Yikes! Now, being an expert shopper, gift giver, and holiday celebrator, I thought I would give you a few tips on how to do this stress free.


1.     Begin by creating a list/excel file of everyone you are buying for.

2.     Look at the above list and ask yourself—do all of these people really need to be on my list? (Probably not) so scratch out a few and make some “certificates” that a certain amount of money has been donated in their name to The Human Fund.

3.     Think about whom off of your list would be okay with a homemade gift. A book of personalized coupons can go to them—I mean this will be the most valuable gift of all—time with you!

4.     For the rest that you haven’t scratched out or couponed, set a budget for each of them, and when shopping try to stay lower than it.

5.     If you are really stumped at what to get a person, and don’t want to go the gift certificate route, get them a biography. You can’t go wrong with trying to give them inspiration!



Now that you are done the gift getting, you must wrap the gifts. Go for the bags. If you are stuck with the wrapping paper—all the luck to you and your back. If you are really stumped, you can drop the gifts off at my place, but I charge per gift!


Merry Christmas!

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