Monday, 10 December 2012

An Actor's Chistmas List

It has come to my attention that there are a few holidays upon us that would require you to purchase a gift for other individuals, and there is a chance that one of those individuals may be an actor. So, I have devised a Christmas list in order to help any individual shopping for an actor.

1. A Job.-- But since this can't be bought...(welll....not quite true) this item is somewhat negated.

2. Ink and Paper. For printing off thousands of resume's.

3. A book on acting (because they haven't gotten any jobs that maybe they need a tune up?)

(Actual book ideas that I have found helpful)
   - Audition by Michael Shurtleff
   - Acting for the Camera by Tony Barr
   - How to Stop Acting by Harold Guskin

4. Their favourite movie (maybe they get inspiration from that?)

5. Cable (because they can't afford it but need it in order to know what shows are current)

6. A Class (once again because they need to tune up on some stuff)

(Actual classes that I have found helpful)
   - Second City
   - Pro Actors Lab
   - Metro Movement Card
   - Vocal Classes

7. A book on "back up plans" -- because we need one...

8. A Cook book -- to remind us to eat once in a while

9. Grocery Gift Certificate -- Once we are reminded to eat

10. A Dress up box -- obviously for all of the costumes we wear in all of the shows we star in!

11. A pack of red bull-- because none of us ever sleep.

12. A Day planner with your Skype date already scheduled in -- otherwise we will not see you in 2013

13. The next door neighbor's internet password --seriously if you could get that we may not spend as much money at Starbucks)

14. Starbucks Gift Certificates -- because if we don't already work there, then we live there trying to be cool/be an individual like everyone else/ Steal their internet

15. Make up -- I don't care what gender you are...H.D. Calls for it!

16. Alcohol -- I think this is self explanatory...we are talking about actors.

Well I hope this helps dealing with at least one tricky person on your Christmas list this year. And if all else fails just cook up some meals for them to take home and put in the least that way you gave them something from the heart annnd you know they will have some food this month!

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