Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Reflection: The Da Vinci Code

Well, it has been a long time since I have reflected on a translation, it has been a long time since I have finished a book. I have felt the need to bounce around and feel out different novels, "testing the waters" if you will. Reading a lot of reaalllyyy lonnnnggg novels got me in the mood for something different and perhaps a little more recent, which lead me to The Da Vinci Code

I have previously read Dan Brown's first book in the series Angels and Daemons which I did enjoy. I must say that I didn't find the Da Vinci code that much different. Obviously it surrounds a different mystery but has the same theme of art and the same leading man (whom I do like), It is a fast-paced read and if you can figure out parts of the mystery along the way it becomes quiet fun. I find the Robert Langdon character interesting -- his temperament and definition in very much like Indian Jones in his profession and dress. However, he is a ladies’ man much like James Bond, and appears to jump from one woman to the next. I think this is a clever mix to captivate both male and female readers. Actually, I think this novel is quiet clever because it engages the reader in both the subjects of art and religion and makes us (at least me) want to learn more about Da Vinci and the Church. I realize that this is a fictional novel where the facts are not all true (obviously) but it makes us interested in something more than just the novel. Brown infuses both actual historical evidence and fictional made up evidence so well that it is difficult for the uneducated reader to decipher between what exists in our reality and what is simply something in the reality in which these characters live in. This is more of a compliment than a criticism, although this may create confusion in some readers mind (at least those who believe that this novel is all real, and do not have any intention of doing any reasearch themself).

This novel is not the greatest piece of literature ever written-- but it does provide a wonderful adventure and escape for those willing to mix up their own reality and definition of the Holy Grail.
Up Next: A Christmas Carol (it is that time of year!)

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