Monday, 8 July 2013

A Reflection: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

I actually finished this a while ago, but have not yet written about it. Originally this was not going to be the next book I read, but because I was involved in an Agatha Christie production, I thought it would be beneficial to begin reading some detective novels and to get the feel for them. I also thought, reading at least one author who influenced Christie would help to understand what makes her so "revolutionary" as a mystery writer.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes was quite a joy to read. When reading detective stories, I can't help but try to figure out the mystery before it is revealed (I think most readers do this). As I read, I started actually getting the hang of how to solve the mysteries...or I just became good at guessing who it was and then reading how Sherlock figures it out.

This is a great book, which I recomend to all detective lovers who have not yet read Sir Aurther Conan Doyle.

As for Christie, I then went on to read And Then there were None, which has had it's title changed twice since being published-- and continued with Murder on the Orient Express, which has also had it's title changed. These murder mysteries have been fun and enjoyable-- although giving me incredibly strange dreams.

Up Next: Middlemarch

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